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Empowering Progress

Building Capacity for Mission-Driven Organizations

Strategic Project Design & Delivery to Grow Your Organization

Ceiba Strategies specializes in overcoming complex operational challenges that stand in the way of strategic progress. Whether your organization needs help executing a key project, building a program or department from the ground up, streamlining business processes, or defining strategic initiatives, Ceiba Strategies is a critical resource for achieving your goals.  

We offer expertise in operations, communications, project management, and fundraising, including grant proposal development. We provide support on a per-project, interim or retainer basis based on your organization's needs. 

Jordan C. Schneider


After a dynamic career in journalism, grassroots advocacy, and professional project management, I am a highly effective communicator that specializes in organizing staff, funders, and stakeholders to deliver successful projects that build organizational capacity.  

I apply best practices in leadership and management from both the non-profit and private sectors to solve complex operational problems with turnkey solutions that allow my clients to continue thriving long after our work together is over.   


Areas of Expertise

Communications & Writing

I help organizations develop the best strategy for engaging with both traditional and social media to gain access, influence, and recognition among important figures and the public. I can also provide capacity by assisting with blogging, press releases, web content development, social media management, online newsletters, white papers, policy reports, and creative writing.  

Project Management

As a Project Management Professional (PMP), I can plan, schedule, execute, monitor, and evaluate vital projects that add value to your organization. Whether you need help organizing a major event or implementing a new technology, I can create a plan, organize resources to get it done, and manage change to maximize benefits gained.  


There is more to building an organization than hiring staff or attracting new clients. It's about cultivating the relationships you have today to be leveraged for new projects, campaigns, and partnerships tomorrow. It's about telling compelling stories that draw more talent, resources, and support to your work. I can help you identify and capitalize upon these opportunities by incorporating them into the business systems you use every day.


Having worked for corporate conglomerates, fast-paced startup companies, and small businesses, I understand how to shift resources from areas of operational drag to those that increase efficiency and ROI, and how to keep an active sales funnel. I also provide coaching on fundraising and donor development strategies for non-profit groups, in addition to providing assistance with grant proposals and reports.

Strategy Development

Through my work winning campaigns as a non-profit advocate and restructuring businesses in the private sector, I understand how to align goals, strategy, and tactics to generate forward momentum and avoid wasting resources.

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