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Our Team

Ceiba Strategies’ project management and administrative team has proven experience in managing federal funds at the state level.


The coral restoration, environmental education, and curriculum development partners selected for this project also have extensive experience that qualifies them to perform this scope of work. 

Jordan C. Schneider, PMP


Ceiba Strategies founder and president Jordan Schneider is a certified project management professional (PMP) with more than 13 years of experience in organizational management, project management, and administration. Her professional background also includes grassroots organizing, public policy analysis, and journalism.


Jordan's expertise is in applying best practices in leadership from both non-profit and private sectors to empower clients to thrive long after their collaboration with Ceiba concludes.


Sam Piscitello

Project Coordinator

Sam Piscitello has more than three decades of experience in technical project management, business management, and supervising large teams that include both subcontractors and employees. The first two decades of his career were spent leading large teams to design and develop medical imaging equipment to meet FDA requirements, including working under a DARPA contract within aggressive cost and time constraints. He later managed a successful dive operation and seamanship school for more than 16 years in St. Thomas. 

Jennifer Kurien

Financial Administrator

Jennifer Kurien is a Management Consultant with a rich background in grant administration and project management spanning over a decade. Her expertise covers the management of grants exceeding $200 million from institutions like the NIH, DOD, USDA, FEMA, NTIA, U.S. Treasury, and private foundations, with a particular focus on deploying broadband development programs at the state level. Jennifer also possesses a strong compliance-oriented background, offering expert guidance and support in administering federal grants.   


Corina Marks

Marine Operations Director

Corina Marks is a professional marine biologist with 20 years of experience in collaborative marine science including coastal habitat mapping and leading surveys of marine protected areas. Ms. Marks is the steward of record for the Butler Bay coral restoration area and an active member of the USVI Restoration of Coral Squad (VI-RoCS), a territory-wide working group of coral restoration practitioners. Ms. Marks contributed to the development of the VI-CRRP and the Butler Bay Coral Restoration Project.   

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